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Founded in 1990, FunTour Viajes is a leading tour operator in South America that creates a wide selection of group travel packages for adults, students, and corporations. The FunTour staff is a group of guides, coordinators, doctors, photographers, and more who have a vocation for service and are highly trained in tourism, first aid, and group dynamics. FunTour is one of the most trusted names in tours to destinations from Bariloche, Argentina to Barcelona, Spain.

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Dynamia first assisted Funtour through a consultancy period in order to learn the company’s business operations and processes, analyzing where its opportunities lie, and from there, built a team to create a solution.


Dynamia created a platform with two connected apps, the Funtour app (for the use of its staff) to send trip information and pictures in real time to the cloud and a user app (for teenage tour-goers and their parents to see what is going on) that receives and displays user-generated trip activity as a feed, resulting in a brand new communication channel for the company.

The users each receive a unique code per trip to gain access to the app and connect their photos, videos, etc to the feed for all to see. Users also receive push notifications for each new activity published. Lastly, the app even includes a marketplace where parents can shop for trip upgrades or items that their traveling teens may need in real-time.

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The platform positively impacted the customer experience and that of the Funtour operators. Thanks to this development project, staff members could now quickly stream trip events, add photos and/or text and keep track of their tourists as well.

Users could follow up on the events of the trip and be able to leave comments on the feed’s activity, which served as a new source of real-time event feedback for Funtour.

With the new in-app purchase option, Funtour was able to increase upselling activity by 25% in comparison with the same period in the previous year.

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